How to delegate Q to a Validator


When you have Q tokens, you can delegate them to another validator node that you trust. Q delegation increases a validator's accountable stake and moves him up the validator long list. The validators with the most stake are members of the short list and actively participate in Q by building blocks according to the clique algorithm. Validators receive a reward for block generation. This reward is split and distributed to any potential stake delegator according to a ratio predefined by the validator node operator. This way, a Q token holder can participate in earning block rewards without actively operating a validator node.

Your HQ and MetaMask

The easiest way to delegate your stake is to use our dApp Your HQ. One instance is hosted at You will need to have a running MetaMask wallet plug-in before being able to interact with the relevant delegation smart contract through Your HQ. Please check the MetaMask tutorial first.


After connecting MetaMask to Your HQ, click on "Staking" and select "Delegator Staking" tab. There would be a list of your delegations displayed on the page.

If you would like to delegate your Q to a validator, click on "Stake My Tokens" button. Then you can choose a validator from the list, enter amount of Q to delegate and confirm transaction in MetaMask.

You can also delegate tokens manually by specifying several validators in one transcation.

Note: You can only delegate Q tokens from your Q Vault. To transfer tokens from your wallet to Q Vault see Q Vault reference.