Q Notification Service

Being up to date about ongoing votings and governance decisions on Q is crucial for a vital and healthy community. Don't miss any newly created proposal, pull voting stats on your favorite proposal types or setup an alert for proposals that contain your own address (e.g. slashing proposals, expert adding or removal,.. ) with the Q notification service on Telegram. This short tutorial will show you how to connect to the notification service on Q testnet.

Install Telegram Messenger

The Q notification service is integrated into Telegram messenger. This tutorial uses the Windows desktop version of Telegram as reference, but you can use any official Telegram client (iOS, MacOS, Android,..) as well.

Search for Q Notification Service (Testnet)

Within Telegram, go to the search bar for finding new contacts and either enter the name or the telegram handle:

Screenshot Telegram: Search for Q Notification Service

Name: Q Notifications (Testnet) or

Handle: @Q_Notification_Servicebot

Connect to Notification Service Bot

If you selected the notification service in the search result area, you will be able to connect to it and thus start interacting with it.

Screenshot Telegram: Connecting with Q Notification Service

Notification Service Menu

The main menu shows current proposals and allows to configure subscriptions on specific proposal types or set up alerts for up to 3 wallet addresses.

Screenshot Telegram: Q Notification Service Main menu

Menu Item Meaning
See proposals list Opens a sub-menu that allows to select a specific proposal type and lists all active proposals.
Subscriptions Opens a sub-menu that allows to (un-) subscribe to a specific proposal type. For every subscription, you will be notified once a new proposal is created.
Help Get some basic explanation on how the notification service works.
Update your Q address You will be prompted to enter a wallet address and thus create an account. You will get a notification whenever a proposal is created using this address (e.g. slashing proposals). You can enter up to 3 addresses per account.
Show user addresses Get a list of all Q addresses that are subject to an alert.
Delete your account Removes previously entered addresses and the according account.